Tax-Aide How To

Amending Returns in TaxSlayer                                            Qualified Charitable Distribution - QCD
Common Law Marriage                                                          Rentals - Schedule E Non-Military
Dependent Care and W2 Block 10                                        RMD - Penalty for Failure to Take
Disability Pensions                                               Retirement Savings Contribution Credit Additions and Subtractions
Early Distribution From Retirement Plans                             Simplified Method Pension Exclusion Calculator
Education Cookbook from Deb Fisher                                  Social Security With Lump Sum Distribution
Education Expenses and Taxable Scholarship Calculator    State Tax Assistance Program - STAP
Education Expense Reporting Comparison Worksheet        State Tax Refund
Filing Status Definitions for Volunteers                                 States With No or Limited Individual Income Tax
Figuring Taxable Income on After-Tax_IRA                          Taxslayer Sticky Notes - Adding Editing and Deleting
Kiddie Tax and Taxable Scholarships                                   Work Release and Penal Income
PERSI Mandatory Retirement Contribution Plan